WBLRD Resources

These Web-Based Resources have been developed by classroom teachers from various school divisions, working with help from Saskatchewan Learning as part of the Web-Based Learning Resource Development (WBLRD) initiative. This initiative is funded by the eLearning Advisory Committee of the Saskatchewan Educational Technology Consortium. Resource development is supported by Saskatchewan Learning.

The majority of the resources support instruction using Saskatchewan K-12 curricula. A number of the resources have been developed to support teacher professional development. There are both English-language and French-language resources available. Some resources, for example, Creative Writing 20 have had more than one resource developed. The first resource will be listed in regular font while additional resources are listed in italics with an asterisk. Users are encouraged to SEARCH our collection of web resources. You can find specific Saskatchewan resources by entering keywords and checking "Central iSchool - WBLRD" from the search page.

The WBLRD resources may be used "as is", but teachers are encouraged to download the resources and make modifications to them to meet specific instructional needs.

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Last updated: August 11, 2005 8:29 AM