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Learning Technology Unit Professional Development (August - January)

The LTU offers free, project-based, hands-on, professional development.  We believe in assisting teachers select and deliver appropriate web-based learning resources for their students.  Some of our work for this school year will be on the use of Blackboard to both actualize the curriculum using technology and transform instruction.  We are also looking for school divisions who want to work with the LTU for a number of years to design and carry out a data-driven solution to technical professional development.

The LTU Team

  • Jean Duperreault - Acting Assistant Director (.5) and Multimedia Consultant (.5)
  • Karen Henderson - Learning Technology Consultant
  • Kevin Tonita - Learning Technology Consultant (Secondment from Estevan Comprehensive)
  • Jim McLeod - Learning Technology Consultant

1: Online Institute - (Two PUBLIC sessions are already planned)

Online Institutes have been a major offering of the LTU for the past few years.  They are 3-day, hands-on, "Everything you need to get started" events.   This year each institute will be hosted by a school division, and requires between 16 and 20 people who are "beginners" to Blackboard.  It is useful for teachers from K-12..

To ensure your success in a “Beginner” Blackboard PD, we require that you know how to complete the following tasks:

  • Start up and shut down the computer.
  • Log on to a computer and computer network.
  • Run applications.
  • Move, copy, delete, and rename files in Windows Explorer or the Mac OS.
  • Browse and search for information on the Internet.
  • Send and receive email, including make attachments.
  • Perform basic software operations like open, save, save as, print, copy, paste, select text, and clicking, double-clicking, or dragging the mouse. 

If any of these are not part of your skill-set, you need to work on that before signing up for a Blackboard beginner session.

Contact Jim McLeod if your school division is interested in hosting a 3-day Online Institute.



2:  Short-Distance Education

This is similar to an Online Institute, but has a focus on the delivery of online classes to students in your school division.  It is most useful for teachers from Grades 7 - 12.   It goes beyond the use of Blackboard and deals with setting up an online class and managing students at a distance.

Contact Jim McLeod if your school division is interested in hosting a 3-day Short-Distance Education session.



3:  Advanced Blackboard

These 2-day sessions are ONLY for people who have attended an LTU Online Institute.  Minimum number of participants is 16, maximum is 20.  They are hosted by a school division and can be on ONE (1) of the following four topics:

  • using Blackboard to create ePortfolio's for students and teachers
  • using Blackboard to develop a school web-site
  • using Blackboard to do assignments, including the Gradebook and online tests.
  • Blackboard Q & A - a two-day supervised work time for teachers to develop materials within their Blackboard course.  A great chance to get things done and ask the questions you couldn't solve on your own.

Contact Jim McLeod if your school division is interested in hosting a 2-day Advanced Blackboard session.


4: All About WBLRD Resources

This is a half-day, hands-on event. Participants will be given a guided tour of these great Saskatchewan-made resources, and will get to do a jigsaw activity before sharing their findings with the rest of the group.

Contact Kevin Tonita if your school division is interested in hosting a half-day WBLRD session.


5: Going Beyond the Obvious

This is a two-day, hands-on event. Participants will develop lesson ideas that integrate technology in appropriate ways.  They will have time to work, learn new skills, and share their ideas with the others in the group.  These sessions are for Middle Years educators.  There must be at least 12 and a maximum of 16 people before the session proceeds.

Contact Karen Henderson if your school division is interested in hosting a two-day "GBTO" session.



6: Partners-in-Action

This is for school divisions wanting a multi-year, data-driven, growth opportunity teaming the LTU with local teachers, consultants, and senior administration.  The planning team will develop a blueprint for learning using technology based on local data and local needs.  The LTU will assist the school division throughout the entire process.  Research will be done by the SIReNS arm of the LTU.  Some inservice will be by the LTU, while most will be by local teachers and consultants.  Goals will be set and success measured.  Performance expectations will be reasonable and will reflect the technology skills of teachers today and as they grow throughout the project. 

Tech co-ordinators, iTEC staff, or Directors of Education should contact Karen Henderson if their school division is interested in joining with the LTU in a "Partners-in-action" plan.



7: Empower

This is a 1, 2 or 3 day workshop web site development workshop focusing specifically on building technological skills with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Skills are developed in the context of designing a web site for use with students. Requests for beginner and intermediate sessions can be made by contacting Kevin Tonita.

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